1、After the payment is made, what is the approximate time that the delivery can be completed?
Our warehouse will complete the dispatch of goods 48 hours after we receive the order.

2、How long does it take for the goods to arrive?
According to your country decision, usually, Europe and North America can be delivered in 8-15 working days, the Middle East needs 10-15 working days, Africa needs at least 20 working days (according to the processing efficiency of African airports is also decided), if you need the goods urgently, you can choose the expedited logistics (Fedex), usually in 5 working days can be completed delivery.

3、Logistics information shows that the goods have arrived but I have not received how to do?
When the parcel is delivered, it is not necessarily delivered in person, the parcel may be placed at the door, mailbox, reception desk and other places by the courier, you can try to find it, if you can't find it, please contact our customer service.

4、What if the goods are lost or damaged?
Please contact our customer service, we will send a new replacement parcel within 1-2 working days after verifying the parcel information.

5、I don't know how to choose which product according to my skin, what should I do?
Please contact our customer service, we will be based on your information to provide a more scientific and accurate treatment.

6、I asked the customer service, but why didn't I get a reply?
Due to the impact of time difference, we may not be able to accurately and quickly reply to your questions, you can directly write to our mailbox, we will reply every day.

7、Why do I tend to get acne after using the product?
This is because our products are rich in nutrients, some skin can't absorb all of them, then it will kinda stay on the face, affecting the breathing of the face pores, you can wash the skin after 30 minutes of use.

8、How long can I see the effect?
Generally 7-28 days can produce results.