5D Gluta Knuckle Oil

5D Gluta Knuckle Oil

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5D Gluta Knuckle Oil (50ML)

  1. Specialized for removing dark spots from joints, elbows, feet, and skin.
  2. For dry and intense dark spots.
  3. Even out skin tone and maintain flawless arms and legs.


Apply to affected area at NIGHT only. Clean and dry your skin, apply 1 to 2 drops of serum with your fingertips in motions until absorbed.


For external use only, keep away from direct sunlight.

FAQ: 1. Why are the results slow or ineffective?

Generally, there are two reasons for slow or ineffective effects. The first one is that the dark spots have been formed for a long time (more than 2 years), and the second one is due to the difference in skin type, which causes ineffective effects due to low absorption.


  • Regarding the first situation, we recommend maintaining a certain frequency of use; usually, in about a month, you can see certain results.
  • Regarding the second situation, we recommend increasing the frequency of use or trying another product.