5D Gluta Glutathione Skincare Set

5D Gluta Glutathione Skincare Set

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5D Gluta Glutathione Skincare Set

Package Included:

  • FACIAL CREAM (50g)
  • FACIAL SERUM (120ml)
  • SOAP (300g)
  • BODY LOTION (350ml)

Main Active Ingredients:

Glutathione, rose oil, collagen


Formulated with a high concentration of glutathione, this skincare set provides powerful whitening effects to target blemishes and hyperpigmentation, promoting even skin tone and reducing blemishes on both the face and body.

Suitable skin type: All


  1. Wash your body and face with the soap.
  2. Apply the serum to your face.
  3. Allow the serum to be absorbed, then apply the facial cream to your face.
  4. Finally, apply the body lotion to your body.